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A perfect set up for any event in Dubai comprises of renting of varied number of elements, which need to be carefully selected and rented, keeping in mind the agenda and the purpose of the event in Dubai. One of the elements is the furniture that needs to be rented for the event along with the appropriate required accessories. While majority of corporate event organizers in Dubai prefer their furniture to be of classy materials, such as leather and velvet, the trend seen in Dubai for private events is to opt for furniture with white or black covers. While these covers do actually hide the actual color and material of the furniture, when used in an event in Dubai, the covered furniture pieces said to give the entire venue an elegant and monochromatic soul. We at Areeka event rentals Dubai, provide the event organizers with an extensive selection of covered furniture options to choose and rent from such as Banquet Table covers, Banquet Chair covers, Trestle Table covers and Lycra High Cocktail tables with covers. These furniture pieces with their covers are usually used for functions like engagement ceremonies and weddings that take place in banquet halls and closed spaces in Dubai. While mostly event planners in Dubai are interested in white or black colors, we also have varied options in colors of the furniture covers to meet all kinds of event furniture rental requirements. Get in touch with us right away and tell us your plan for your next event in Dubai and we would be pleased to provide you with covered furniture options depending on your event needs and preferences.