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The traditions of using Arabic Carpets for house decor and at events to add the customary feel in the Middle East go way back where people used to hand weave them using the typical Arabic colors, Red, White and Black as they are said to be the favored colors of Dubai. However, as time passed by, these Arabic carpets started getting a modern touch in terms of color and print, so that they could be rented for regular events as they were the ideal fit for all kinds of traditional event set ups in Dubai. Renting out of Arabic Carpets can prove to add an element of style to any event. Here at Areeka Event Rentals Dubai, we not only offer the traditional Arabic Carpets Rentals, but also provide the option of renting the rug carpets in Silver and Brown colors, rental exhibition carpets of various shades along with a wide variety of colors in the rental delta carpet. You can choose and rent a carpet that suits your event requirements in Dubai the best. Go through the carpet rental options available on the website and can match them up with extensive list of furniture rental choices available as per the nature of your event in Dubai. Alternatively, get in touch with our event rental experts and they are sure to guide you through the process of choosing and renting the right carpet for your event in Dubai.