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Benches are often an ideal seating option for those event planners and hosts requiring something different to individual chairs. The great thing about benches is their versatility and the fact that you can sit multiple people on benches from short to a long period. Most importantly, You can provide your guests with the comfort to relax in the sun. Whether you are having an outdoor picnic, festivals, concerts, garden events, and fairs. Don’t forget our benches can be also used for an indoor event such as seminars, media events, conferences, and presentations. for instance. Some of our benches are made of cushions such as Indiana daybed, Barcelona chair, and Clio sectional bench. These are perfect for any type of event you’ll have. Some of our indoor benches are also suitable for outdoor use and could complement your bench seating requirements. Just simply mix and match it with your event theme. Our collection of benches contains a wide range of bench for rent for your event in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE. We realize and understand that the world of events is a diverse one, with the event planner and host needing a wide range of event furniture for rent to cater for the variety of events that they are producing. Having a wide range collection of premium quality of event furniture for rent in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE, we are confident that we can meet your event furniture requirements whatever the event theme. You can rest assured that Areeka Event Rentals has it covered and provides you with this additional flexibility. Just simply browse our websites or catalog or call us and one of our expert event professionals is happy to help you with your requirements.