avalon curved round gold dining table setup with white dior dining armchairs 2 1191x800 1191x800 - CHOOSING LE MINOU AS INTERCHANGEABLE FURNITURE – IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SETUP

If you want to make your event unique and memorable, there are several ways to do it. Some people choose lighting as their theme, some people get Arabic furniture, some people like to keep it neat. There is one more amazing way to bring that uniqueness in your event – through using Le minou furniture. These furnitures are adjustable and can become anything – from table to chair, from sofa to a bar – for your event. See how you can make your event interesting by choosing Le minou as interchangeable furniture – it’s all about the setup.

First, your Le minou furniture can be used as high tables. These tables are a highly functional piece of furniture to have when drinks are going to be served in the event you are hosting. High tables provide a comfortable platform to sit and enjoy a drink in combination with bar stools. All you need to do is set up the furniture elements one atop another along perpendicular axes, and you have a high table.

The flexibility of Le minou furniture extends itself to becoming coffee tables as well. All you have to do is assemble the furniture elements a little lower than the high table. Coffee tables serve as the perfect companions for a daytime lounging event or a get-together. You can have Le minou lounge chairs to go with the theme the coffee tables set up. Their delicate whites will give an elegant aura to the gathering.

You can also set up your Le minou furniture to become comfortable, cozy three-seater sofas. Everyone loves sofas – especially when they have been provided at an event where people would normally expect chairs and tables.

Le minou furniture is a versatile furnishing option that can become what you want it to become – and maintain the harmony of theme in your event. This furniture can be truly called “Interchangeable”.