Bratton Picnic Table

Bratton Picnic Table

Ideal furniture piece for your outdoor events. Be it parties, family gatherings and anything that will allow your guests to enjoy the occasion while savoring the outdoor breeze and feel. The Bratton Picnic Table is the ideal table for you. The Bratton Picnic Table is available for rent an for sale in Dubai and the UAE. Call Areeka now at 04 8326646 to order the Bratton Picnic Table or for any other event furniture you may need.




180 cm


85 cm


73 cm







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From All Worood Intraflora team we would like to thank you for all hard job and assistance on each part of the setup and removal.As your team did a great job to make this event beautiful and all the operation went smooth with your help.It was a pleasure to work with the team which is dedicated and responsible for the given scope of work. We are looking forward to work with you in the future projects.

-Olena - Worood