The Effect Of Light On Event Furniture And Decoration


The furniture and decorations used in an event give a unique themed feel to any gathering. Whether you use plain metal chairs to create a sanitary look or tastefully furnish the space with cushy sofas, furniture and decoration play a pivotal role in setting the mood of the event. What goes ignored, more often than not, is the lighting of the space in that event. It is amazing how something as basic as a light can impact how a space comes out onto the visitors. Light can make a space look cramped or expanded, soft or harsh – anything that the event requires. In this article, you will learn about the effect of light on event furniture and decoration.

Daytime lighting

Many of the events happen during daytime and people would wonder about the utility of lights during daytime, but think about it this way – what if the entryway could look more welcoming with the help of some lighting decoration? Your guests would certainly be in for a great surprise. Decorative lights can be used atop canopies or marquees to make them look even prettier at your event. A string of little LED bulbs, maybe colored, to decorate those beautiful white sashes of your wedding stage will add more stars to the celebration. Other decorative lights, like “moon” lights, can be placed beside sofas or under the glass tables to give a mellow glow to the furniture placed around it. These daytime lights are not necessarily very bright, but they have enough intensity to characterize the elements placed around them – adding a creative twist to your event venue.

Night time lighting

There can be nothing more spectacular than an after-dark event perfectly adorned by pretty lights everywhere. It is difficult already to make sense of any event decoration when twilight has faded – which is why lights are needing to complement the décor as well as the furniture placed there. Use of soft light is highly recommended when it comes to illuminating pathways leading from the entrance to the main area. To complement food stall decorations and furnishings, and to have convenience for the guests, brighter but disguised lights may be used. Little lanterns can be placed atop beautifully decorated tables instead of candles, to set a different mood. Lights can, in effect, make or break the entire decoration of an event. Too bright, and it becomes blinding, too low, and it will still keep the guests in the blind.

Choose well!

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