Why is Dubai Moving Over Theatre Chairs To Coffee Tables And Lounge Single Sofas?


Event decoration and furnishing management has become a separate industry in itself these days. There is no shortage of hosts wanting to invite people to celebrate, talk, discuss, participate in a conference, etc. – and as such, there is no shortage of events. There is constant requirement of good quality decoration and furniture for such events. Industrialists of this niche have kept a keen eye on the market, and it has been observed that events no longer are characterized by the typical metal tables and theatre chairs. The choice of furniture is constantly evolving, and it is leading to a complete reshaping and renovation of event spaces. Here is why Dubai is moving over theatre chairs to coffee tables and lounge single sofas.

Factor #1: Comfort

Theatre chairs can be extremely easy to install and take away, but they are equally uncomfortable. They are not usually designed to be ergonomic, and during long seating events like conferences and official talks, they can become quite the back-breakers. Dubai is a bustling business hub, a favorite of many business conglomerates who meet frequently – their comfort requirements have caused them to develop an aversion to theatre chairs. Lounge single sofas, on the other hand, are highly comfortable, and give the back a good support. During long talks or discussions, these single sofas will ensure that the user goes back home as fresh as he arrived.

Coffee tables are the perfect addition to single lounge sofas, especially where business meets are concerned. A handy little coffee table to keep laptops, car keys, coffee and papers functions as the perfect companion to the single lounge chair.

Factor #2: Decorum

Theatre chairs can be picked up and shifted to any corner of the room, which makes the event space susceptible to chaos by the time things draw to a conclusion. Single lounge sofas, on the other hand, are comparatively more immovable, helping maintain the setting of an event space. It creates order and avoids chaos. Coffee tables are lower and a tad heavier than the standard metal tables used for events. When used in combination with single lounge chairs, they make the entire setting immovable.

Factor #3: Convenience

Coffee tables provide an excellent surface for keeping things – coffee cups, snack plates, loose papers, laptops, purses, pens and clipboards, etc. making them a great pair with single lounge chairs. On the other hand, theatre chairs are more of a standalone concept, providing no other solution but to seat the user. Your belongings will stay on you, or will have to go on the floor.

The reasons above are why people in Dubai like coffee tables and single lounge sofas more than theatre chairs.

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From All Worood Intraflora team we would like to thank you for all hard job and assistance on each part of the setup and removal.As your team did a great job to make this event beautiful and all the operation went smooth with your help.It was a pleasure to work with the team which is dedicated and responsible for the given scope of work. We are looking forward to work with you in the future projects.

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