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Choose the Best 2-Seater Sofa for Your Next Event – Compact Design, Big Style

  Your seating style choice is a huge driver of the mood and ambience of your entire event. Sofas, although an obvious need in any event, are typically overlooked in terms of styling, when they should be given as much thought as the theme or motif of your celebration. Let’s think of it. Seating and […]

Planning A Party? A Definitive List of Furniture and Accessories You Must Include

dining table, dior chair

Your party is coming up and you already have everything planned, from the guest list to the venue. But you also need to think about renting furniture and accessories. Pieces such as tables and chairs are more than just functional—they can actually impact the mood and ambiance of your event. Thus, when planning a party […]

Design Solutions – 4 Powerful Furniture Items to Rent for Your Next Corporate Event

  Corporate Conference Set Up Your upcoming corporate event is an opportunity to impress your clients and guests. Renting the right furniture is essential; you want the items that will ensure the comfort and provide convenience for everyone in attendance. Working with us, a well-established and experienced furniture hire service that can help you get […]

Lounge Furniture Rental: Five Tips for Successful Renting Process

Certain events may call for a lounge area where guests can take a break to relax, have cocktails, and socialize while waiting for the main festivities to start. Designing and creating a lounge will require a careful process that involves creativity in planning the layout and using the right lounge furniture rental, which can be […]

Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Furniture Rental in Dubai

Outdoor events let you take advantage of the great weather and natural surroundings as a backdrop for your celebration. However, you need to make sure that your guests will be protected from the sun and inclement weather, and that they will be comfortable throughout the event. Consider working with Areeka furniture rental in Dubai that […]

Event Planning

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Event planning is an incredibly time sensitive, detail-oriented work that will require your complete dedication. If you want to be hands on in your event planning—be it your own wedding or some special celebration or perhaps even a corporate gala—below are some practical ways to get all the event décor rental you need fast, easy, […]

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Event Furniture Rental Company in Abu Dhabi for Your Wedding

IMG 3298 e1514390889943 857x800 857x800 - 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Event Furniture Rental Company in Abu Dhabi for Your Wedding

When hosting a large event such as a wedding, the furniture rental company you hire will be a critical part of your event set up. This is exactly why it is important that you set high standards as you choose between the wealth of service providers in the market today. Whether you are expecting hundreds […]